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Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 1

Renata IdzikPETE

Learning Spatial Orientation

cognitive development • physical development • SEN
Duration time:
45 min.
Programming interface:
Photon DrawPhoton Joystick
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Class goal:

  • To be able to tell left from right (or left and right side of the body)
  • To develop the ability to notice others
  • To be able to name and point at body parts
  • To be able to use correctly spatial concepts terminology
  • To develop perseverance and practice independence in performing tasks

Teaching methods:

  • activity - an interactive task for children
  • exercises authored by prof. E. Gruszczyk-Kolczynska

Type of exercise:

  • individual exercise
  • group exercise

Required items:

  • A tablet (to operate the robot)
  • Any type of music
  • Several toys (e.g., teddy bear)
  • Elastic hair bands for each child

Lesson scenario:

1. Body Dance – developing awareness of one’s own body

Point to specific body parts and ask the children to move them to the rhythm of the music. Follow this dance sequence: head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, palms, fingers, torso, hips, legs, feet.

2. Telling left from right

Ask the children to put an elastic hairband on their LEFT hand. Then ask them to follow your instructions:

  • raise your right arm / left arm
  • raise your right leg / left leg
  • touch your right ear / left ear
  • etc.

3. Drive your Photon Robot to…

Place a toy of your choice on the floor (e.g., a teddy bear). Put the robot in front of the child. Give the control over the robot to the child and ask to follow your instructions:

  • Drive the robot behind the teddy
  • Drive the robot in front of the teddy
  • Drive the robot to the right (or a more difficult one: to the teddy’s right)
  • Drive the robot to the left (or a more difficult one: to the teddy’s left)

Make sure the children take turns.

4. Controlling the Robot

Lay down the educational mat on the floor. Place the Photon Robot in the field of your choice (e.g. in the middle) (you might want to change the control interface from Photon Joystick to Photon Draw in this exercise). Ask the children to take turns controlling the robot and to
follow your instructions:

  • one field to the left
  • two fields back
  • three fields ahead… etc

5. Fun music activity - Dancing to the song “Head, shoulders, knees, heels.”


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