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We know how important it is for educators to have easy access to resources that make their classes unique. That's why we have created this portal. It is a place to share ready-to-go lesson plans, ideas and provide support. Here we support the development of your digital workshop and teaching skills and help you become one of the brave educators using modern technology in daily work.

This is also our invitation to co-creation of this portal.

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There are many ways to use the Photon Robot in teaching. Our resources are divided into 4 categories: lesson plans (45 and 90 mins), activities, projects and videos. This way, everyone should be able to find resources meeting their needs.

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The portal offers a dedicated resource search engine with search filters. This way you are always only a few clicks away from your perfect resource. You can easily filter and find materials based on several search criteria, such as grade, subject area, teaching aids or author.

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You can download lesson plans to your computer or print them out and keep handy.
You can always show your appreciation to the authors by adding their resources to your “favorites.“ Promote and share your best resources on our Facebook or Twitter account.

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Do you have any interesting ideas? Feel free to share them within our community and inspire others to conduct engaging activities or classes!

Develop professionally as an author of educational resources and support other community members' development. Use our dedicated tool to easily transfer your idea or inspiration into a standardized digital form and share it with others. It's your idea and experience that count here! We will take care of the implementation.
To add a new resource, click the "Add resource" button, which is located in the top menu bar.
Select the type of resource that you want to add and follow instructions to complete the form. One of our experts will revise your submission. Once revised, we may accept your resource as it is or ask you to introduce specific changes, e.g., make corrections or add necessary descriptions.

All your published resources are signed with your name. Other educators will be able to use it free of charge in their own classes.

Before submitting your first resource, please read the following

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