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Grades 2-5
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Emilia Grabowska

Once upon a time…

creative activities • English
Programming interface:
Photon Draw
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Scenario Image

Required items:

  • A tablet (to operate the robot)
  • Sheets of paper
  • Pencils

Lesson scenario:


A dedicated Photon educational mat is required to perform this exercise, as specific fields are used.

Begin this activity by saying:

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, or maybe quite close, there was a small town - the home of the Photon Robot. The robot was looking for a nicer place to live on Earth, traveling far and close, round and round, here and there, unsuccessfully. It was terribly sad and lost its sense of humor. But one day something amazing happened…

The children’s task is to complete the story. Ask the children to work in PAIRS to make up a short adventure story. The story should be inspired and based on images printed on the Photon’s educational mat.

Once ready, children tell their stories one by one. Later pair up your students again, and ask them to program the robot’s path on the mat to represent their story. The robot should visit places from their stories (e.g., the bridge, the candy house, the well). Depending on the children’s skills, ask them to implement sounds and color changes in their programs to make the presentation more attractive.

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