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Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 1
Grades 2-5
2, 3

Renata IdzikPETE

How well do we know each other?

Programming interface:
Photon DrawPhoton Joystick
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Scenario Image

Required items:

  • A tablet or smartphone (to control the robot)
  • Whiteboard or a large sheet of paper

Lesson scenario:

  • On your whiteboard (or a large sheet of paper), draw a table (or ask one of the children to do it). There should be as many columns as there are children in the group. Put children’s names in the column headers.
  • Sit with the children in a circle on chairs or on the floor.
  • Ask the children to propose questions to complete “the questions table” - these questions should help them to find out as much as possible about other children in the group (it is essential to give everyone a chance to propose a question, even if they seem of little value from an adult point of view).
  • The children’s names go to column headers, and the questions go to the table rows.
  • The child starting the game should navigate the Photon Robot to a classmate of their choice and ask a question from the completed table. Children with communication difficulties might want to have the questions in front of them on separate pieces of paper. This way, these children can drive up the robot to a selected person (to indicate the choice) and then to one of the paper notes on the floor with a question to ask.
  • Complete the blanks in the table with answers one by one at the pace dictated by the group’s abilities.

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