How to start working with the robot?

Start by downloading our free application to your device. The app allows you to control the robot (details below). You do not need access to the Internet to use the robot in your classes – the robot connects to your device via Bluetooth.

In the next step, make yourself familiar with the available interfaces and choose the one that best suits your / group skills. Browse available resources to see how others use the Photon Robot in their classes – this is your first step to change the way you conduct classes. Do not worry, your new teaching assistant – the Photon Robot, will help you along the way.

Use the robot in any way you like

Mobile devices for group learning and individual activities.
Desktop computers and laptops* for group activities and more complex projects.
Interactive whiteboards* to engage the whole class.
Magic Carpet** for group projects.
*Requires Photon Magic Dongle – a dedicated Bluetooth USB dongle
**Requires Photon gaming package for the Magic Carpet and a mobile device or computer

Out-of-the-box solution

The Photon Robot comes fully configured and does not require any special knowledge. All you have to do is download our dedicated app – that's it.

See available apps below:

There are many ways to interact with the robot!

How to use the Photon Robot in your class?

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